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Saving Tomato Seeds

As the growing season is coming to a close, students are helping us with our final harvests and starting to put the gardens to bed for the season. We are setting our sights on next year's growing season, including saving seeds from this year's harvest!

Saving seeds from these sweet cherry tomatoes was easier than I expected, thanks to the straightforward instructions in this beautiful book: The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving.

Step 1: Harvest a bunch of the best-looking cherry tomatoes. Cut each tomato in half and squeeze or scoop the seeds out into a container.

Step 2: Let the seeds, pulp, and juice hang out for 1-3 days. The seed mixture will ferment the gelatinous sack that surrounds each seed, which will prevent the seeds from germinating and allow us to save them until we're ready to plant.

Step 3: After three days, most of the seeds had sunk to the bottom of the container. This meant they were ready to rinse and dry.

Step 4: Coffee filters make great drying surfaces! After a few days of air drying, these seeds were all done.

Step 5: These cherry tomato seeds are now labeled, dated, and patiently waiting to be planted next season!

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