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Impact Statements

Summer Programs

In the Youth Leadership Program, 80% of students said the program gave them an increased understanding of their strengths.

Almost 90% of Youth Leaders said their experiences made them more interested in gardening and growing their own food. 

Over 160 elementary summer school students visited Roberts Farm twice during their month with Camp Achieve.

The Youth Leadership Program facilitated ten lessons for elementary summer school classes.

90% of the Virtual Viking Challenge participants completed one or more marathons. 

Roberts Farm supplied 100% of the lettuce for the Oxford Hills Food Service Program's summer meals.

School Year Programs

Nearly 90% of 5th grade teachers said that Roberts Farm experiences influenced their students' ability to work with peers to create a positive classroom culture.

This winter, 124 of our students cross-country skied for the first time during their class visits to Roberts Farm.

All of our teachers have noticed that outdoor learning experiences spark interest and curiosity in their students. Almost all teachers say their students are more engaged and most teachers notice stronger relationships within their classes and better retention of academic concepts.

Over the course of the 2022 growing season, Roberts Farm provided 380 lbs of produce to the Oxford Hills Food Service Program. An additional 257 lbs of produce was donated to local food pantries, educational programs, and non-profit organizations.

When 5th graders were asked to describe their Roberts Farm experience in one word, 37% said fun, 10% said amazing, and 5% said awesome. Other words include: interesting, outside, exciting, inspiring, adventurous, helpful, magnificent, and active.

Over 100 students have earned a "Sprout Out" Award for good citizenship and effort during their Roberts Farm visits.

220 students in all eleven 5th grade classes in the Oxford Hills School District are regularly participating in Roberts Farm Programs during the 2023-2024 school year. 

56% of students say they enjoy hiking more because of their visits to Roberts Farm.

42% of students visited the trails at Roberts Farm with their families outside of their class visits.

Fifth-grade students logged 4,877 miles during their Roberts Farm visits.

60% of students that participated in 100 Mile Club completed their goal of 100 miles or more

Students are learning to use important tools during their visits to Roberts Farm! This fall, half of our 5th graders used a microscope for the first time and 58% of our students used a compass for the first time.

Since launching the Roberts Farm Lending Library, teachers and community members have borrowed over 100 items to support meaningful hands-on and outdoor learning experiences in their learning spaces.

More than half of our teachers noticed their students were more engaged at Roberts Farm than they were at school.

What teachers are saying:

"Getting kids to learn about science OUTSIDE [is the most impactful part of Roberts Farm programs]! They are able to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Kids no longer do this at home. Roberts farm opens the door for our students. They feel more connected to nature and they get to apply their learning."

"I absolutely love bringing my students to Roberts Farm. I look forward to our trips. It is by far one of my favorite things about teaching fifth grade. My students love going and the curriculum instruction is fabulous!"

"Students having the opportunity to be connected to food they grow and then eat [is most impactful]. The ability to ski is something unattainable to our lower income families and at Roberts Farm, students get the opportunity to try something they may never have had the chance to."

What students are saying:

"[Roberts Farm] was so much fun! I loved learning about Maple Syrup and how it tasted and different challenges about Maple Syrup. We got to taste the Maple Syrup with Pancakes, and I really stepped out of my comfort zone when I was helping weeding and touching dirt! I tried my best but I’m not very strong! I loved hiking and skiing. I learned how to ski and it’s so fun learning outside. It's very different and fun! I will never forget this."

- Hebron Station School Student

"Roberts Farm is a good use of school time because we learn in a healthier, more active way. Working in an active way and outside is better for the human body than in a room."
- Oxford Elementary School Student

"My favorite lesson is either the Maple Syrup Challenge because it was fun to work with classmates and listen to their amazing ideas. Or the microscope because it was interesting to see objects that I see every day close up especially because I hadn’t seen through a microscope before."
- Paris Elementary School Student

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