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New Resources for Supporting Teachers

While most of our work at Roberts Farm focuses on hosting elementary school classes in the Oxford Hills District, I am excited to be supporting local educators with a few new programs and resources.


Seasonal Outdoor Learning Workshop for Educators

Roberts Farm is collaborating with the Center for an Ecology Based Economy (CEBE) and the Western Foothills Land Trust to host a Seasonal Outdoor Learning Workshop Series for Educators.

Our fall session on October 23rd was a wonderful kickoff, gathering a great group of local elementary educators for discussions and grade-specific lessons focusing on bringing math and social studies lessons outdoors.

We're looking forward to our upcoming sessions on Saturday January 15th to focus on winter outdoor learning and Saturday May 14th for spring outdoor learning. Click here for more information on this workshop series.


A Lending Library is in the works!

Another great collaboration with CEBE, Seal Rossignol and I are in the process of organizing and cataloging a small library of books that we hope to make available to MSAD 17 teachers to borrow. These resources range from outdoor oriented read-alouds to professional materials focused on designing units to meaningfully engage with nature.

Stay tuned for more information about this lending library. In the future, I hope to add equipment for teachers to use with their classes outdoors such as binoculars, water quality testing equipment, and team building kits that will also available for lending.

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